Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Conservative Revolution Redux: The Concept of the Corporation Chapter 2

Drucker clearly likes the idea that GM is a decentralized corporation. For Mr. Sloan [the president of GM] and his associates, the application and further extension of decentralization are the answer to most of the problems of the modern industrial society.” (p46) His opinion recalls the end of his prior book, in which he larges that the American revolution gave the world “new society with values, new beliefs, new powers and a new social integration without social revolution.” (184)

He now has to show that this strategy is able to meet the three sets of goals that he established for a corporation:

1. The ability of the Corporation to survive and function as an independent entity;
2. The ability of the Corporation to fulfill the needs and aspirations of society;
3. The ability of the Corporation to sustain a stable society.

He is writing in 1946, when the memories of 1929 were fresher than they were today. At the same time, many in the country had a more idealized view of the corporation than we do at the moment. The Futurama of the 1939 Worlds Fair projected a beautiful world filled with superhighways and large corporations.

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