Monday, January 25, 2010

The End of Economic Man, Chapter 1

Well, I'm into the first chapter and I can only ask if this is written by the same guy who made is reputation as a management expert? This chapter contains few clues to Drucker’s eventual career and place in the management world. The prose is compelling, tightly reasoned and intellectual to be sure, but it is a political argument against Fascism.

I understand the crisis of the moment. Fascism was horribly frightening at the time. Drucker didn't like it but many people didn't like it. Only at the end of the chapter, the last paragraph to be exact, Drucker can I find any sign of the future management expert.

After arguing and re-arguing with the conventional ideas about Fascism, Drucker reveals that he will handle the subject from the point of view of an expert on business structures. Organization is the problem, he says. The “abracadabra of fascism is the substitution of organization for creed and order,” are his exact words. (p 21) You need a purpose for any organization, and Fascism has none except that of building an organizational structure.

Probably a sound point, but we will see where he takes it.

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