Thursday, January 28, 2010

The End of Economic Man: Review

I found a review of the The End of Economic Man in International Affairs, a British professional publication. 1939, the year of publication.

The review is generally quite positive though it suggests that Drucker is an idealist, a utopian or something like that. I always need to be reminded that Drucker is at the start of his career and is not yet Peter Drucker, management expert.

The reviewer claims that Drucker reaches a “rather obvious and rather vague” conclusion: the European social structures of of 1939 have reached the end of their useful life and that Europe needs to develop a “new, free and equal non-economic society.”

Perhaps it is obvious, though hindsight has clearly altered that view. Still, as Drucker moves towards that conclusion, he gives you the sense that you are exploring deep and profound ideas.

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