Monday, March 22, 2010

The Future of Industrial Man, Interlude

I’ve read ahead. Have you been able to see that? This blog represents the fruit of my efforts to read Drucker’s works in order and carefully outline them. However, I have read a number of books that come later. His novels are tough going. He does not have a novelists sense of detail. He also makes the old epithet “an Ayn Rand Love Scene” seem like a complement.

In Drucker on Asia he more or less disowns this book, claiming that these ideas have never gained popularity. They are difficult to understand and they lead to conclusions that seem peripheral. Perhaps society is broken. Perhaps the decisive power is illegitimate. Perhaps it fails to give function and status to individuals in a proper way. But it moves forward and it has ideals. What bridges the gap that separates Druckers metaphysics from the pragmatism of the society that he has been describing?

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