Thursday, July 1, 2010

The rightness of the cause: The Concept of the Corporation Chapter 2

Drucker is very confident in his ideas, especially if we remember that the Cold War is just starting at that we won’t see the failures of Communist production for another 40 years. I remember walking through an abandoned factory and apartment complex in Kiev. It occupied a huge block (150 yard by 400) with train tracks running through the middle. Bland, faceless and uninteresting. It was especially awful if you compared it with the apparatchik housing up the hill. Only a handful of people still lived there. They still had line up for the single grocery store in the corner of the area that had once served 10,000 people. It would be, I suppose, an example that Drucker would identify as the failure of centralized management.

Then again, there are parts of Detroit that look much the same way. He writing at time when Detroit is on the top of the economic pile.

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