Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Analytics Structure: The Concept of the Corporation Chapt 1

Drucker has established a fairly complicated structure for analysis. Like so many arguments in academe, the fight will not be over story but over the structure that contains the story. He posits three levels of analysis:

1. The workings of the corporation as an independent organization;

2. The extent to which corporations fulfill the needs and aspirations of society;

3. The extent to which they fill the requirements to sustain a stable society.

He further argues that none of the three levels is dominant, that no one can solve a problem on one level and leave the other two untouched. It is a political philosophy he calls Harmony.

He rapidly dismisses Idealism, which is concerned only with the problems of level 2, how we care for members of society and the opportunity each member of society may possess. He is equally hard on Pragmatism, which is only concerned about producing the greatest goods for the least cost. Both he claims lead to totalitarianism. It is easiest to understand those claims if you have read his two prior books.

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