Friday, April 9, 2010

Review: "A Subjective Thesis": The Future of Industrial Man,

“A subjective thesis.”

Heavens, academics can be so arrogant. Drucker’s book “serves to remind political scientists and economists that without the study of fundamentals it is impossible to understand and evaluate detail.” Overall, it is a positive review, though the reviewer, Waldemark Gurian, wants to push Drucker towards a different sent of ideas. “A certain obscureness would have been avoided if Drucker had used the term ‘Common Good’ instead of ‘Freedom.” Common Good should be the aim of all regimes and societies.”

In spite of all this Gurian respects Drucker. “It would be unjust to compare the learning of Peter Drucker with that of” Joseph Schumpter. Drucker “has a much better understanding of political and social realities than the economist of Harvard.”

In the end, is the issue of industrial society just too small a topic for these academics?

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