Monday, April 12, 2010

Prospects: The Future of Industrial Man, Chapter 9 pt 1

Well, this is the end of the run and none too soon. There are ideas in this book that are going to be important but they are presented in ways that make it difficult to connect them with the information age. I see the following issues are relevant to the bigger project:

1. Drucker trained the managers of the information age;
2. Drucker is concerned with planning and centralized economies;
3. Drucker is concerned about the social unit of the new society;
4. Like so many other businessmen, he is worried that the economy will not return to the same
place it was before the depression;
5. That the post-war world will be led by the U.S. (I suppose he is not anticipation the Cold War.)
Those will be our issues and our starting points.

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