Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Conservative Revolution of 1776: The Future of Industrial Man, Chapter 8

The Conservative Revolution of 1776

There is a lot that interests me in this chapter but little that really encourages me to write. It is largely a discussion of the political economy of 1776 and the ideas that form the foundation for the modern conservative movement. However, one comment at the end of the chapter clearly points to the era that will form the basis for my project. At the end of this chapter Drucker argues that the post-war world will need a new form of society.

“The nineteenth-century separation of political government and social rule,” he writes, “ is almost gone.” He argues that this separation has been weakened “because the institutions of the mercantile society cannot organize the power in the industrial system.” (p182) The question before us is to understand what institutions are to organize the industrial system and what role technology- particularly software – will play in those institutions.

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