Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The End of Economic Man, Chapter 3 (pt 3)

Drucker argues that the English faced the choice between two people, Churchill and Chamberlin, who represented radically different ideals. Churchill did not believe in equality and hence was not concerned about the use of force, while Chamberlin concluded that English society could not provide equality and hence was not willing to fight for it.

Drucker was a way of writing that we would no longer accept. A strong voice with no doublt, no data, no public opinion or focus groups. The field was not that old in 1939. Gallup had been working for less than 5 years. Market research was a little older but not much more disciplined. Does Drucker ever start to think about how the public perceives itself or does he always rely on his observations? That will be a big change that is already starting to occur and will be in place well before his 1970 Management book is published.

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