Thursday, February 18, 2010

The End of Economic Man, END

We can be so smug some times. The New York Times reviewer was generally pleased with Drucker’s first book . He argues that Drucker has “succeeded in injecting in the much overworked and often tedious discussion of fascism remarkable vigor and freshness,” even though he offers opinions that may not be universally accepted.

One of those opinions is the potential alliance with the USSR. The review appeared about three months before the alliance between the two countries. The reviewer, Michael Florinsky, clearly doesn’t see it coming. Unless the democracy follows his advice, Florinsky writes, “Mr. Drucker threatens them with an alliance between Hitler and Stalin. To bring it about the Soviet Union will have to make some ‘minor’ (!) concessions…”

None of us can see perfectly in to the future. Not even a future that is only a few weeks away.

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