Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End of Economic Man, Chapter 6 (pt 2)

I wish that I had a different fuller understanding of the history as I read this chapter and didn’t have to rely on Drucker for all of my information. Drucker is a compelling writer and makes a strong argument. I just don’t know if he is giving us the full picture.

Even if he is not, it is a strong case. Drucker is claiming that the Nazis decided that they were not going to address economic inequality but were going to give their people new opportunities for social status in the Nazi party for increases in income. He talks about how top positions in the party were most often given to lower class individuals.

I understand the claim, though it grates on me a bit. I would like to think that we can get satisfaction from non-economic rewards. But Drucker has argued for the supremacy of economics in the human sphere and he is arguing here that the Nazis controlled Germany by suppressing the proper role of economics.

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