Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The End of Economic Man, Chapter 6 - Fascist Non-economic Society

At the moment, I am blogging while trying to maintain both by school responsibilities and my duties with the Computer Society in the midst of a blizzard. I returned home moenday night after a week of meetings in LA. (I was delayed 3 days by snow in DC.) Upon return, I realized that I would be trapped by the next blizzard if I did not leave immediately for my next round of meetings in Atlanta. So at 3:00 am, I depart for Dulles and a new plane, the only reservation I could get.

In this chapter, Drucker claims that the Nazi’s tried to substitute non-economic rewards for economic gains. It is an odd thing to read after you have dashed through the early morning snows to do volunteer work. As volunteer work has developed during the past 50 years, it is a way to get rewards for non-economic work. Certainly it gives many people an opportunity to work on a scale or scope or intensity that they cannot find in the jobs that support them.

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