Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The End of Economic Man, Chapter 5 (pt 2)

I apparently don’t live in a revolutionary time. My world of 2010 seems to have little in common with Drucker’s world of 1939. I have participated in many discussions about the goals and activities of formal organizations. School. Church. Job. I have rarely been involved in a discussion that seriously considered a major restructuring of any organization. Many times I have heard people argue that they should be in charger, rather than the current leadership.

Equally often I have listened to people claim that the organization was pursuing the wrong goals.
The situation that Drucker describes is difficult to imagine. Do people really let major institutions collapse because they never really believed in them? Sometimes I have heard people state that they no longer trust a certain institution but their words usually don’t convey their honest feelings. The love for stability is strong. They are usually saying that they merely want their candidate to be in charge.

I suppose that the closest parallel we might have are the new institutions of globalization, the agreements that have built and strengthened the global economy. To what extent are the middle classes committed to them? Could we simply abandon them because they were weakly won. This is not Drucker’s world of 1939 but are there feelings that we can find in the society?

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