Friday, February 26, 2010

The Future of Industrial Man, 1: The War for Industrial Society - last day

Economic Man was the individual who responded to economic forces. Industrial man is the individual who works in an industrial context. Drucker sees only once question facing the leaders of the war “Can industrial society be built as a free society?” He has spent the last two years at Sarah Lawrence College, which is not really a place that one associates with industry. He has been teaching statistics, a field that has been rapidly growing in the prior 7 years. A series of conferences at Iowa State University begins to consolidate the methodology. The technology of the IBM tabulator makes the work doable. During the war, the financial companies of Manhattan pooled their tabulating machinery so that the military could do statistical tests on war plans: submarine kills, malaria incidence, enemy plant destroyed. This technology will be one of the tools that leaders of industrial society will use. Drucker will have to ask if such things will organize industrial in a free manner.

We will move ahead on Monday and, we hope, with more speed.

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