Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Future of Industrial Man 1: The War for Industrial Society (pt 3)

I’m moving slowly again through the first part of a book. It takes me a little time to get my notes in shape and get started. I want to return again to the idea that the organization structure of the war will be the one that controls the peace. In 1943, The various military units were truly starting to focus on the problem of Operations Research of using mathematics to manage the various elements of the war. The Applied Mathematics Panel, which I have studied in some depth, is less of a group of people studying mathematical methods as it was a committee for using abstract models to insure that bombs exploded where they were supposed to explode.
Thomas Hughes notes that these methods will “come into vogue” after the war, but they are being developed during this war by the need to direct machinery and production that needs more than human control. We shall see if this leads to Drucker’s free industrial society.

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